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Patient Testimonials

Dr Chris is amazing!!!!!!!

I am so happy! I can recommend him to all! He changed my life, I am grateful for his talent! I had the best service from him and his staff! My stay at clinic was so nice, his staff was helpful and friendly, and trying to make my recovery as easy as possible!! Thank you.

Karin J.

"Excellent" is the word I can think off !!! I consider His work as Piece of Art. The perfection that was attained was outstanding. I would recommend Dr. Chris to anyone without any hesitation. Thank you for making me look great!

Suzane T.

I'm highly impressed and very pleased with the corrective rhinoplasty procedure I received. Dr. Chris is passionate, caring and excellent doctor, who gives excellent advice. He is very honest, skilled and he has addressed all the issues I came to him with.

Sarah J.

Yesterday I did my breast augmentation with Dr. Chris and I LOVE THEM!! Best Doctor I recommend him a lot!

Nonee F.

The best ever service I got!!! Fast, no pain. Dr Chris is so professional. Nurse and assistant are so friendly. I recommend to all Ladies who care and love themselves. With Dr Chris you will get all you need to stay beautiful and happy. Thank you guys!!!!!

Yulia O.

I was very nervous to get botox out of my home country, and there were not a lot of reviews online for botox in Abu Dhabi. I chose Dr. Reuter because he was connected with HSMC. I've been going to Dr. Reuters for over a year now and it’s the best botox I've ever had. He understood what I wanted the first visit and is careful to ask if I’m still happy with the results every visit, making tiny adjustments if desired. I'm at the point that I just let him do his thing because he knows how to make me look my best. I'm actually nervous I won't fine as good injector back home now!


I had a great experience with Dr. Reuter. He is probably the best plastic surgeon not only in Abu Dhabi but across the UAE.

Gerhard S.

Dr. Chris Reuter is a talented plastic surgeon and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others considering plastic surgery. From the initial consultation, to the operation and recovery, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. He was warm, informative, honest, and answered all my questions and concerns thoroughly. My recovery was pain-free and easy and I'm thrilled with the results.


I had a great experience with Dr Chris Reuter. He listens, understands and advices in a very professional manner. I felt understood and well taken care of!!!

German quality in Abu Dhabi... very refreshing.

Barbara R.

Trustworthy and very knowledgeable in his field.

Jonathan N.

Can’t say thank you enough for your professional services and your on-top guidance and advice. Always ready to help and listening to concerns and come up with the best solutions. Highly appreciate it!

Hanane K

Great results and good advice from technicians.

Houria A.

Good customer service. Body laser hair removal found out to be great results with Maribeth!


It was a great experience, the results are good so far and I am looking forward to see the final results.


Thank you so much for always being professional and always giving us the best services.


Excellent staff. Facility is so nice and relaxing atmosphere.


لقد أحببت التجربة مع ماي لأزالة الليزر واريد أن أتقدّم بالشكر لمدام غادة على ذوقها وتعاماها مع الزبائن.


تعاملت مع وفاء أناني وكان تعامل جداً ممتاز الصراحة أنسانة قمة في الاحترام والأدب والتعامل الجميل والأخلاق الحلوة والحسنة.تجربتي معاها كانت حلوة, كانت بشرتي تعبانة واحترقت وسوت لي كذا علاج لبشرتي ووايد تحسنت والحمدلله. مستمرة معاها وبستمر معاها لين أخلص! أنصح ربيعاتي طبعاً إنهم يجوون ويجربونها وحتى خواتي.


تجربة رائعة وفريق عمل رائع!


وفاء من أجود الأخصائيات اللي مروا علي:

  1. • طويلة البال
  2. • تعطي شرح كامل للعلاج
  3. • غير مستقلة
  4. • شغلها نظيف وممتاز
  5. • تعاملها راقي ومهذب مع المتعالج

أتمنى لها التوفيق والنجاح والى الأمام ذاتاً!


I had an upper blepharoplasty with Dr. Reuter 3 months ago. After researching and asking friends and family I finally decided to have the surgery with Dr. Reuter. His welcoming kind manner and extensive experience made me feel relaxed and confident going into the surgery. I was awake with local anesthesia during the procedure it was fast and painless. The doctor and his staff made me feel at ease during and after the surgery. I am 3 months out and am delighted with the results I look more awake and fresh and natural and have no visible scars. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am grateful to have had the operation with Dr. Reuter and will go back to him for any future procedures I may have in the future.

L – UK

Dr. Reuter was excellent providing clear advice pre op and post op.


I would highly recommend Dr Reuter anytime to my friends as the most professional, highly skilled expert in his field! My experience in aesthetics international was amazing and the whole staff were so friendly and approachable ... me and my husband were very much impressed and happy.

Thank you very much and God bless you !


Dr. Chris is a true professional ! Together with his staff, they will make you feel very welcomed and at ease at all times, while dealing in a very professional manner with your requests. Highly recommend this, favorite clinic in Abu Dhabi!


Very good staff and excellent Doctor.

A.J., UK

Dr christoph was very helpful and takes the time to explain the surgery and listen to me as a patient.

L.A., Australia

Thank youuuuuuuuuu Dr Chris Excellent care.

Lama, Lebanon

I would highly recommend anytime to my friends Dr reuter as the most professional, highly skilled and expert in his field! As my experience in aesthetics international was amazing and the whole stuff was so friendly and approachable.. me and my husband were very much impressed and happy.

Thank you very much and God bless you!


Staff were lovely, very friendly and i loved my treatment. Would highly recommend.

Amal, UAE

The best plastic surgeon in world!

Lindsay, United Kingdom

Dr Chris Fantastic ,have been extremely impressed with his professionalism and care from start to finish. He made the whole experience (from consultation to aftercare) very smooth and reassuring and I felt completely confident in him and his team. I know exactly what I wanted to achieve and Dr. Chris was very understanding and supportive of my wishes. I have been very pleased with Harley Street and the whole cosmetic Team.

Dr Chris is extremely, knowledgeable and talented in seting Botox and filer, the best treatment I ever have had (and I have been doing this for years) highly recommend DR Chris.


Best Botox and Filler with Dr Chris.


I recently visited Harley Street Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi after experiencing poor customer service from a previous clinic, I visited Dr Chris Reuter the Plastic Surgeon and immediately warmed to him. Dr Chris was honest, professional and empathetic.

The price for the surgery I chose was very reasonable so I went ahead and booked in.

The surgery went without any problems and the facilities were amazing, my own suite with a 24 hour nursing staff that responded quickly to all of my needs. The whole team was amazing from start to finish and I cannot recommend the clinic and Dr Chris highly enough,

Thanks for everything



أنا سعيده جدا بالنتيجه و هذه تاني عمليه أنجزها و النتائج رائعه وكل الشكر ل دكتور كريس والشكر على النتايج الرائعه و الألم الخفيف

إ – الإمارات

الإثرابي :جهاز ممتاز لشد الوجه والرقبه وقمت فيها في شهر تقريبا وأنا سعيده جدا بلنتيجه و أنصح أي امارا بإجرائها إذا كانت بحاجه لذالك

س – لبنان

عملت عملية شد الصدر مع دكتور كريس وكانت عملية اكثر من رائعه و شكرا لدكتور كريس عل النتايج الحلوه

م- الإمارات

After many different consultations in few different countries , finally settled and trusted Dr. Chris ,he made the dream come true in February. He is very well trained on his field and super professional , understanding and support patients needs. I had minimum pain and fast recovery with this brilliant techniques and I followed strictly his instructions, He is a very talented and caring magician! His team is amazing as well. I cant thank him enough.

L- London

It was exceptional experience , very friendly and trustful doctor, caring for his patients and take their concerns into consideration. I admire Dr. Chris and trust him. When ever I want to do a procedure, I would always go to him. Thank you Dr. Chris.

G- Australia.

The best Dr Chris ever

Mary – Italy

The best dr ever


I have Done fillers under eyes area for the first time ever, I was afraid of the pain or proses but I surprised non of that happened which was great

Dr chris helped me to understand what I need and recommended the right treatment for me and I’m grateful about the result I Got


I really like and I’m comfortable with Dr Chris, its professional has really good patient calming and reassuring skills.


Professional from start to finish he is really amazing with botox and fillers


قمت بإجراء عملية شد و شفط الدهون في منطقة البطن و النتيجه أكثر من ممتازه

و رائعه, العنايه في المستشفى كانت ممتازه

الجرح بعد اربع اسابيع شكله جدا مرتب بالرغم ان الإجراء مؤلم و خصوصا في الثلاثه أسابيع الاولى الا ان النتيجه تستحق العناء

. م

قمت بعملية الانف و بعد اشهر النتيجه واااااااايد حلوه.

م ي الإمارات

I have done 2 sessions of full body laser and I have seen a difference of hair reduction from first session

I loved the result and planning to continue the technician is so friendly and considerate when it comes to taking breaks when it get painful

Upon turning 21 years old, I decided that after years of just thinking about it, I would go ahead with breast augmentation surgery, It was by absolute chance I came across Dr. Chris Reuter on an online website. I am now two weeks post-op and I cannot state just how happy I am. I have never met a more calm, understanding and intelligent doctor. From initial consultation right up until now, it has been the easiest and most delightful process. I could not recommend Dr. Chris and his team more highly


I had a great experience with Dr. Chris. He has done what I have asked him to do which is a very natural looking for my nose. I am very happy with the results


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